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Stacey Cargnelutti is an authentic Agent of Change with a passion for God-Centered Business, Spirit-Led Living, Faith, Fitness and Freedom. She is a prophetic voice and dynamic leader with a unique and powerful gift of both insight and impartation. As an International Best Selling Author, Captivating Speaker, High Powered Success Coach, Mentor, StudioFX3 Owner & Instructor, and CEO of, her message is relevant, her work transformative, and her way… a bit renegade.


Biggest Challenges:

The biggest challenge Stacey had to face when first starting out was reaching her people, and figuring out how to deliver a really authentic message to connect with humanity.


How did you grow your business:

Stacey focused on blogging, writing, working in the community, and then online marketing through Facebook.


Most Influential Books:

Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller - Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century

Jim Britt

The Change 2: Insights into Self Empowerment (The Change Series)

Anita Sechesky

Living Without Limitations - 30 Mentors to Rock Your World!


Current Projects:

Stacey is currently working on finishing up her book "From Egypt to Canaan" which should be release in Summer of 2016.


Piece of Advice:

Stacey's word of advice is, Don't Give Up!!!


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