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Lyn Smith - Also known as ‘The Queen of HEARTS’ is a best-selling author, and has a proven track record as an International Relationship Coach & Inspirational Speaker over the past 30 years, based upon her own vast personal research, experiential learning and training's with the world’s leading industry experts.


Biggest Challenges:

Lyn was very fortunate to have an easy start into her business. However, the biggest struggle she had to overcome was her now ex-spouse who was not very supportive of her and her business.


How do you stay motivated:

Lynn was able to stay motivated initially because she wanted to proof her ex wrong.


Most Influential Books:

John F. Demartini

How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven

Current Projects:

Lyn is currently working on an upcoming women's event where she will be the keynote speaker.


Piece of Advice:

Lyn's word of advice is one of Tony Robbins's quotes: "It is never a lack of resources - it is a lack of resourcefulness".


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