Julie "Brain Lady" Anderson

Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson is considered to be one of the nation’s top experts on the Brain Personality Connection. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker; business, communication, and relationship consultant; and Author. The information she shares will help those who hear to accelerate their success in life and business through discovery of their natural gifts and maximizing their brain power.




Biggest Challenges:

The biggest challenge Julie had to face when first starting out was the feeling of being on her own and having too many ideas that she wanted to work on. She realized that it is important to get the foundation laid out first. Today, some of the challenges Julie is facing is that she has to remind herself from time to time to slow down and take a step back before getting overwhelmed.


How are you growing your business:

Julie focuses a lot of her attention towards her online presence. She reaches out to her target market through her social media platforms, and YouTube videos. It is important to make your presence known online but also through face-to-face interactions.


Most Influential Books:

Jim Britt, Jim Lutes & 20 other co-authors

The Change 4: Insights Into Self-Empowerment

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Current Projects:

Julie is currently working on a webinar series called "Build Your Best Business" and she is working on a six month intensive program called "Change Your Mind - 21 Steps to a healthier, happier life and mindset".


Piece of Advice:

Julie's word of advice is, do more homework first! Have a business coach that can help you, especially in the beginning. Be happy in what you are doing, find something your passionate about and that you love - hold on to that passion.


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