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Cornelius Crowell is a business and success skills trainer and coach and also the Founder Of Excel Your Success which is a coaching and training company that helps entrepreneurs and individuals achieve higher levels of personal and business success.


Biggest Challenges:

The biggest challenge Cornelius had to face when first starting out was that he had all these great ideas that he wanted to work on but all at the same time. He had to find a way to overcome the "shiny object syndrome".

Some of the challenges Cornelius faces today is sometimes he has to realize to do certain things different in order to move the needle in his business.


How do you stay motivated:

Cornelius stays motivated because he focuses on the end game - on his "WHY".


Most Influential Books:

Darren Hardy

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster: Why Now Is the Time to #JoinTheRide


Current Projects:

Cornelius is launching a brand new life coaching program which he is extremely excited about.


Piece of Advice:

Cornelius's word of advice is, make sure to focus on what matters and don't get distracted by the "shiny object syndrome". Make personal development a priority and focus on becoming rather than just being an entrepreneur.


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